Maurycy Zarzycki

Full Stack  •  Game Development  •  PHP / Node / JS / C#


Custom Solutions

I specialize in rapid development of internal-use and internet-facing web applications as well as RESTful APIs. The apps are made either as regular websites or single-page applications on the frontend, powered by PHP or Node.js on the backend. I also am very good at working with dated code (refactor, bugfix, building features) and creating plugins for existing systems.

What I offer

  • Rapid development of internal and external apps and APIs.
  • Translating website designs into actual, responsive HTML+CSS.
  • Reducing technical debt in stale codebases or simply fixing/expanding them.
  • Designing, building from ground-up and testing videogames.
  • Ember.js · Yii Framework · Express JS · Monogame · Starling · Flixel · Wordpress · WL Burning Board · YiiFramework

Gamedev & Design

With over a decade of experience with game development I am highly capable of producing and designing games in a timely fashion. My game design approach is based on Checkov's gun and exploring mechanics which provide challenge and enjoyment to the player. I'm also very good at exploring edge cases in order to find bugs.


Full Stack

  • Extensive experience in PHP 5+, worked on 2 enterprise backends and multiple smaller websites and backends.
  • Contracted with Pearson PLC working on Node.js and Ember framework apps and APIs.
  • Developed a backend system, website (HTML + CSS3 + JS) and integration for Masterlease
  • Technologies: PHP, JS (ES6, TypeScript), CSS (LESS/SASS), ActionScript 3.0, MySQL, C#, C++.
  • Frameworks: Yii Framework 1 & 2, Express, Ember Framework, Monogame, WoltLab Burning Board plugins, jQuery.

Game Development

I've been making video games using Multimedia Fusion, Game Maker, Flash/ActionScript, C++ and C# since 2004. The majority of the projects I have made can be found on my studio's website,

Contact Me

If you'd like to contact me directly without using the form scroll to the bottom. I usually respond to all inquiries in 48 hours.